A Nutritionist’s Experiment: 31 Days as a Pescetarian

Dean Bocari, a California-based health and fitness consultant, spent all of January 2013 eating seafood as part of a 31-day trial as a pescetarian. Dean, who also works as a motivational speaker, on-camera host, writer, and fitness model, knew that he needed to be familiar with the “pesco-vegetarian diet.” Besides his own curiosity, “I have clients who…wanted to decrease their protein intake,” he said, and he wanted the experience to inform his work designing diets for his clients.
“I decided to give the diet a try–to see whether it would impact my energy levels [during exercise].” One month as a pescetarian didn’t adversely impact his fitness routine, according to Dean, adding that “we don’t need quite as much protein as the fitness world would have us believe.”
During his 31-day pescetarian diet, Dean ate a wide variety of fish and other seafood, and he made an effort to include sustainable seafood. Dean’s diet included trout–including rainbow trout–catfish, steel head, albacore tuna, shrimp, and calamari. “When I didn’t have seafood available, I just filled myself up on greens.” In addition to the pescetarian diet, Dean endorses the Paleo Diet, the Gluten-Free diet,  and Intermittent Fasting.
After his experiment with pescetarianism, Dean began including more seafood in his diet. “I found myself reaching for seafood more often. I would certainly recommend the pesco-vegetarian diet along with high alkaline foods such as green vegetables.” Anyone who has visited a physician and is “already aware of their health markers (internal levels of protein, vitamins, iron, etc.),” can consider trying the pescetarian diet. “Give it try for 30 days.” Dean is considering another trial of the pescetarian diet while monitoring his health markers. 
I hope to schedule a video chat with Dean and Pescetarian Journal’s readers and Facebook fans in the near future. In the meantime, check out Dean’s website and blog. Watch Dean on his YouTube Channel and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.
Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be medical advice. Please see your physician before beginning a diet.
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