About Me and Sustainable Seafood

Alaiyo Kiasi-Barnes: Sustainable Seafood Blogger

Alaiyo Kiasi-Barnes

Sustainable seafood and the pescetarian diet are my focuses here on Pescetarian Journal.  As a Gulf-Coast native, I grew up eating freshly caught seafood, home-grown vegetables, and fruits from trees on our property. As someone deeply appreciative of seafood, I have made it my mission to share information about sustainable seafood. I want to do my part to encourage others to increase seafood consumption and to become aware of the importance of shopping carefully for seafood that is healthy (i.e. low in mercury) and plentiful.

What is Meant by Sustainable Seafood?

Sustainable seafood is seafood that is caught or farmed in such a way that perserves its viability. For example, fishing boats catch fish using equipment and practices that don’t destroy ocean habitats or catch all fish in a particular area, including spawning and juvenile fish. Fish farming practices follow strict regulations to ensure fish health and a quality product for seafood lovers. I think National Geographic said it best: “Sustainable seafood is a way to replenish our oceans and manage their resources into the future. Informed consumers can make all the difference by finding out where their fish comes from and by making responsible choices.” As a fellow consumer and home cook, I do what I can to help my readers to be informed about sustainable seafood and show them ways to cook seafood easily. My recipes are time-tested as I’ve eaten a seafood and vegetarian diet for more than 30 years.

Pescetarian Recipes with Quality Ingredients

Because a pescetarian–one who eats seafood along with a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds–eats a variety of plant foods, organic produce is featured here as well. I share healthy recipes for pescetarians, vegetarians, and anyone else who values or is interested in whole foods. Pescetarian Journal celebrates sustainable seafood and helps to educate others about the importance of purchasing and cooking sustainable seafood, whole foods, and organic produce.

Here you’ll find delectable seafood recipes along with vegetarian recipes. Thank you for visiting today, and I hope Pescetarian Journal will be a resource as you consider or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Contact me at info@pescetarianjournal.com.