Blue Crab Month at Pescetarian Journal

September is Maryland Blue Crab Month here at Pescetarian Journal. It’s when I educate and celebrate the crustacean that delights and defines Marylanders as the mallet-wielding, claw-picking citizens we are. Blue crabs from the Chesapeake Bay are a “Best Choice” seafood says Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch organization, so they are a sustainable choice.

Come back throughout the month for Blue Crab recipes and special events, starting with a Crab Soup Cookoff on September 7, 2013. A feature of the Maryland Seafood Festival, the Crab Soup Cookoff pits Maryland restaurant chefs and caterers against each other for the best cream-of-crab, vegetable, and alternative crab soup. This year, I’m one of the crab soup judges, and I’m thrilled and ready for the experience.

Here are a few crab posts and recipes from last year’s Maryland Blue Crab Month. Just click on the picture to see the posts. Enjoy checking them out and remember to check back all this month for new recipes.

Blue Crab Tacos--Pescetarian Journal
Blue Crab Tacos
Cheesy Crunch Mini Crab Cakes--Pescetarian Journal
Cheesy Crunch Mini Crab Cakes
Pumpkin Crab Soup--Pescetarian Journal
Pumpkin Crab Soup
Maryland Crab Salad Sandwich--Pescetarian Journal
Maryland Crab Salad Sandwich
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