Easy Canned Salmon Recipes #Recipe-Roundup

Easy Canned Salmon Recipes--"Easy Salmon Patties with Instantly Fresh Herbs"Canned salmon recipes are generally quick and easy. That’s why I stock up on canned salmon and keep it handy. I’ll even eat it straight from the can. I learned this week that most canned salmon in supermarkets comes from Alaska. That is amazingly good news! Alaskan Salmon is sustainable and has very low levels of mercury. (Mercury is in the earth’s crust and is found naturally in the ocean and other bodies of water.) So, I rounded up my canned salmon recipes for this post and hope you’ll try one or all of them.

Canned Salmon Recipes Roundup

This (pictured above) is the most recent of the canned salmon recipes: Easy Salmon Patties with Instantly Fresh Herbs, which I created for Litehouse Foods. Pictured with the salmon patties are the Litehouse Instantly Fresh Herbs that I used in the recipe. Having these herbs on hand, particularly the Litehoue Instantly Fresh Onion and the Litehouse Instantly Fresh Garlic, which I can’t live without, helps to get meals on the table quickly.

Easy Canned Salmon Recipes: "Canned Salmon Meatballs with Spaghetti"--Pescetarian JournalOne of Pescetarian Journal’s most pinned recipes on Pinterest is Succulent Wild Salmon Meatballs from a Can. The recipe title is a bit crazy, now that I look at it again, but I think people must have clicked out of curiosity. Can salmon meatballs from a can really be succulent? The way this recipe turns out, I would say “yes.” Try it and let me know what you think.

Easy Canned Salmon Recipes: "Sustainable Super Salmon Burger"--Pescetarian JournalFinally, my recipe for Sustainable Super Salmon Burger looks so scrumptious with all the burger fixings. Your pescetarian and seafood-loving friends and family will not feel left out at the barbecue when you serve this big tasty fish burger. It’s a mouth full of Omega 3s!

So, whether you make patties, meatballs, or burgers, stock up on canned salmon (because it tastes great and is good for you), and enjoy the ease and quick-to-table results of these canned salmon recipes.

Disclosure: I received free products from Litehouse Foods for a post that was written and submitted to Litehouse Foods. I was paid for the post, which originally appeared on Litehouse Foods’ Living Litehouse Blog.


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