Kwanzaa Culinarians: Amazing Food Stories


I am honored to contribute my latest post to the Kwanzaa Culinarians project. You’re likely familiar with Kwanzaa–a seven-day holiday celebrated from December 26 through January 1 by African-Americans and Pan-Africans . The Kwanzaa Culinarians are food bloggers of African descent who are preserving the folk ways and food ways of a people through personal stories and recipes.

Please visit the Kwanzaaa Culinarians website to read my latest post, which features an interview with Washington D.C. Chef Jawanza Zulu of Tofu Delights. Chef Zulu, a former student of mine, is an intensely creative chef who does amazing things with tofu. I hope you’ll click through and read the post. Thanks for your support since I started Pescetarian Journal in July, 2011.

Happy Kwanzaa and Happy New Year!
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    I am actually not acquainted with Kwanzaa much at all — in fact, until i saw your post, i didn’t even know there were two a’s at the end! good luck being a pescatarian! happy new year to you!


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