Seafood Lover’s Popcorn for Halloween

After Trick or Treaters stop ringing the doorbell, it’s time to sink into the couch and pop a favorite mystery or thriller into the DVD player and munch on seafood-flavored popcorn. I call it “Seafood Lover’s Popcorn,” and it includes “Old Bay Seasoning” as well as a rice seasoning that includes dehydrated shrimp pieces. It’s quite easy to make and you can adjust the seasonings to your taste.

Recipe: Seafoodie’s Popcorn (Serves 2-3)
1 bag natural, unsalted microwave popcorn (I used the “Quinn” brand, which is free of hydrogenated oils, preservatives, and PFOAs.)
1 tablespoon (or more) of unsalted butter, melted
1.5 teaspoons Old Bay Seasoning 
1 tablespoon rice seasoning with Nori seaweed and/or dried shrimp (check the ethnic section of the supermarket).


  1. Pop the popcorn in the microwave (follow package directions).
  2. Pour popped corn into a large bowl.
  3. Pour butter evenly over popcorn.
  4. Add Old Bay Seasoning and rice seasoning and mix with clean hands until seasonings are distributed throughout popcorn.
  5. Adjust seasonings and transfer to serving bowl.
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