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Sushipedia, Tokiolabs, LLC Finally, an app for sushi that helps me avoid ordering Toro because it sounds cool but shocks me when it shows up in all its raw glory on the plate. With Sushipedia, I can instead order the “Godzilla Roll,” which sounds scary but contains mostly cooked ingredients. (Ok, so I’m not as adventurous about sushi as I’d like to be. I’m working on it.) This visually appealing app is free and a 99-cents “pro” version is close to being released, according to Sushipedia’s website. The free version packs all the information any sushi aficionado needs, with Sushi arranged alphabetically in either English or Japanese. 

     The helpful “Attributes Legend” shows icons for cooked fish, raw fish, spicy flavors, and vegan options next to each potential menu item. Color pictures of every dish help diners to see exactly what they’ll get.  The instant visuals can be invaluable to foodies and sushi novices who want to expand their dining experiences more confidently. App users can browse all sushi listed in the app or search by name, by  ingredients, or by the previously mentioned attributes. 

     If you’re craving the freshest sushi of the season, the app shows which fish is freshest at the moment. Finally, if you’re adventurous, just click on the “feeling lucky” button to get a suggestion to try, if you dare.  Perhaps the best feature of Sushipedia is its volume of information about sushi. The descriptions, facts, and history of sushi is an education in the “palm of your hand.” Sushipedia is only available for iPhone, iPad,  and  iTouch at this point but according to one of their Tweets, Tokiolabs has been working on developing a website with Sushipedia content. You can see features of the app at  

This is the third of five reviews this week: 5 Days, 5 Great Apps for Seafood Lovers (A Review Series). 
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